Freedom Beyond 2020: World Citizens, Doctors & Michiganders Against Excessive Quarantine

Hello! I posted this video to one of the largest groups of its kind that I know of in the world, “Michiganders Against Excessive Quarantine” that has grown to 275,000+ people in just a few days on Facebook over this weekend. Will you start a similar group in your area? Here are some thoughts on how we can empower ourselves for freedom going forward:

Podcast version (audio only):

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Hosted by: Nicholas Upchurch


0:00 – Introduction

3:20 – Where I’m coming from

9:28 – Billionaire Jim Rogers 2017 economic prediction to me on “Believe” & preparing for possible “2nd wave” coming in 2020

15:10 – How to send love to “both sides”

18:20 – Dealing with the things happening in the world now, thriving in difficult times

20:33 – Events and reactions by governments going on worldwide right now (Michigan, California, Poland, Russia, Hong Kong & more)

27:14 – Elon Musk, Google VP’s public plan for the world, “Post Human Future” in mainstream news, microchipping humans on local NBC news

29:10 – You have choices for freedom that you are not yet aware of (it’s not about “evil”, it’s about “options”)

31:32 – The government works for the people, remember that

35:49 – An “open source search engine” where you can choose how you want your uncensored information delivered to you

36:38 – A Frequency Bill of Rights – You have the right to know what frequencies are affecting you – 5G, WiFi and more

37:47 – “Information is the real currency” – an alternative to be controlled by money, digital currencies, governments, cryptocurrencies and “universal income”

38:43 – How to take care of yourself in 2020 and beyond: free energy, open source 3D printers, food in a pill, the right to seeds

39:20 – Free energy + open source 3D printers = no more poverty (print what you need, do what you love instead of working for a digital database entry called “money”)

41:31 – Information as currency eliminates issues with trust and fairness from “money” as a scarce organizational structure

43:05 – The Borg (Star Trek) vs. R2D2 (Star Wars) – You do not have to become a machine – open source robots (programmed 100% by you), vegan robots (human-friendly), 100% private

46:39 – The non-linear process of freedom, different opinions, and the hypocrisy in all of us

48:49 – How frequencies can affect our emotions, our lives, and the lives of others – frequency is everything

50:27 – The idea of “Decentralized Science” as presented by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai to free science from money as a controlling mechanism

50:43 – You have a Right to be Human as you are – a Bill of Rights for Humanity (you do not have to become a robot)

53:30 – Dr. Royal Rife’s Rife Machine (USC grad in the 1930s),, Qi Gong hospitals in China (shut down in 2001 by government), energy medicine

57:49 – Trust is the most valuable currency in the world, creating your life artistically out of free will versus control using technology and information

59:25 – Considering 3rd and 4th options outside of the two options we are shown in any debate

1:00:15 – Putting up open source projects on (pending) and taking action to move forward with other options for freedom

1:02:04 – Open source water (ocean water => fresh water)

1:03:20 – Freedom, “Wag the Dog” the movie, using real events for “agendas”, “bad things” can only help us no matter how hard they try to do the opposite, you don’t have to be “controlled” to be more accepting of other people, races, countries and ideas

1:11:20 – Creating an environment with frequencies where harmony for humanity can “live” easily – The “Force” has awakened through you!

1:14:49 – Coming together off of Facebook, organizing efforts to present Doctors with alternative views, maintaining our freedom for our bodies, minds and spirit

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