Max Igan Features Dr. Carrie Madej in Discussion of Transhumanism as it Relates to “COVID-19”

SOUTHERN QUEENSLAND, Australia (Believe) – Max Igan put out a beautiful new video called “The Nondemic is Now an IQ Test” on Bitchute, LBRY, and other platforms. As many know, Max Igan has been booted off YouTube and Facebook recently.

His video is excellent and highlights the comments of Dr. Carrie Madej. Dr. Madej mentions she investigated the proposed COVID-19 vaccine. She mentions it is not like the normal “flu” vaccine. Technologies in this vaccine, she says, are new and experimental. It can change who we are and what we are, she explains. She mentions it is related to “Transhumanism”.

We think the solution is to imagine alternatives to this agenda that many people are not aware of. People can join the transhuman agenda if they’d like, but we can also come up with ways that we would like to be going forward. You do not have to be “tricked” into it.

Watch Max’s video below. He also discusses the proposed “18 month lockdown” of Victoria in Australia. Australia has reported 365 deaths out of 25 million people. It has spent $365 billion on this “event”, or roughly $1 billion dollars per death. Video below:

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