3 Actions That Speed Up The Manifestation of Opportunity

In this clip from our show ‘Believe’, we help you with “True Success”.

“3 Actions That Speed Up The Manifestation of Opportunity

• Learn to find and face your fear.

• Making a choice to either keep a friend or say goodbye.

• Making a choice to either make it your friend or whether to say goodbye.

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  • bakersdozen

    Fear is the most debilitating state of mind. Originally intended as a built-in safety mechanism for humans, it’s become a reason, an excuse to not … do. When it comes to anything that’s not life-or-death, we can and should face our fears. This video is a great example of why and how we should go about doing it.

  • Hawkeye

    I agree. I have let fear stifle me in the past and it really held me back for quite some time. Now, I do as Karen suggested and try to acknowledge it as soon as I recognize it and then move forward to face it. It’s really hard to do, but I know it has to happen if I want to accomplish anything.

  • o-sake

    How do you guys exactly, realistically fight the fear? My parents taught me to start from the simple ones. For example, fighting my fear of specific food or activity. By learning that I can do the simple ones, I gain confidence to do the bigger ones to reach the ultimate goal.