The Spiritual Wisdom of Daddy Long Neck

If we are all connected in this reality, that means we are all also connected to our friend, Daddy Long Neck. For those of you who do not know Daddy Long Neck, he is an Instagram star with 2.3 million followers and a neck that measures just above six inches in height.

Weighing in at 60 pounds, Daddy Long Neck is also a rapper. Appearing in several videos with his associate Wide Neck, Daddy Long Neck has amassed over 16 million views on Worldstarhiphop’s YouTube Channel.

Before we examine why Daddy Long Neck is truly a spiritual champion of the people, let’s look at the joy he brought to this father and son as they watched one of his rap videos:

Now, we can all dream of the day when our beautiful Instagram models might show appreciation for those with the courage to release free energy, pass on information to the world that could free the world from poverty (that governments likely already possess), convince world leaders that they do not have to perform rituals worshiping the owl god Moloch any longer, and explain that money is just a database entry in a computer… that is going to have to wait for now.

For now, we can be thankful as we enjoy the comedy and spiritual stylings of one Daddy Long Neck. We may have to endure some obscene videos of Daddy Long Neck dancing in his underwear, pouring chocolate sauce all over himself, and being in fairly provocative poses with Instagram models.

However, as we figure out how to inspire our governments to move beyond bombing countries in the Middle East that resulted in us collectively being responsible for 500,000 to 1,000,000 children perishing in the last 35 years, we think there are bigger fish to fry in the world.

After all, people are more interested in watching models lick the neck of a fairly young, 60-pound white rapper on Instagram. All we can do is simply applaud that. “Go with the flow,” as they say.

Remember, comedy is an energy that can move us through even the toughest times. Also, Daddy Long Neck has a message. In a recent interview with VICE, he has stated that his message is to believe in yourself no matter what.

He also said that he turned his life from a negative into a positive when kids may have been making fun of him for his elongated neck and skinny physique. You can see him being interviewed in the video clip below:

He wants people to “believe in themselves, put themselves out there, and do it with love.” Those are the words of Daddy Long Neck, a Spiritual Champion.

You also must understand that Daddy Long Neck united with an African American gentleman, who goes by the name Wide Neck, to promote the “All Necks Matter” movement as you can see here:

For the record, Wide Neck’s neck measures nine inches wide from the back and four inches in height.

Now, the real question is what would happen in this world if Daddy Long Neck realized the power he truly has as a creator? Reaching an audience of 2.3 million fans, Daddy Long Neck may not realize how drastically he could influence our reality. Well, perhaps we can let him know. His email address, according to his Instagram page, is:

As it states on Daddy Long Neck’s Instagram, “Respek The Neck 🦒”.

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