How CGI & AI Promote Fake News & Be Used to Create Fake Videos

In this clip from our show ‘Believe’, we discuss “World News.“

“How CGI & AI Promote Fake News & Be Used to Create Fake Videos

• You should be wary of fake video footage.

• the U.S. government and mainstream media have created fake terrorist videos to support an ongoing propaganda model.

• Technology is rapidly advancing, and we’re now at a point where computers can generate extremely realistic videos of specific people talking, so much so that you’d likely never know the difference between a real video and a fake one.

• How can CGI and AI create fake videos?

• Researchers from the University of Washington created a new video, titled “Synthesizing Obama,” using AI to produce a fake video of former President Barack Obama speaking.

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  • KarmaKrazy

    The way videos can be altered to look real is pretty scary. You can’t trust pictures or videos shared on social media because most of them are doctored and fake. Technology has come a long way and some are using it for the wrong reasons.

  • Flap Jackson

    As long as media has been around, people have found ways to manipulate it. The trouble is, those doing it and the tools they are using get better each year. Of course, what allows them to fake it can also allow us to verify or refute it.

  • hymn-day

    I don’t think we can really avoid it, no. Long before these methods are possible, humans already know how to play with words and texts. I try to maintain a way of thinking that there is always another side to a story. Always cross-check, always preserve my judgement until I have more reliable info.