[Full Episode] Believe – Complete Show – Feb. 20th, 2017

In this Episode of Believe, we help you with:

#1) [Money & Business] “Savings Angel” Josh Elledge on How You Can Save Money Effectively & Get Great Deals

#2) [Money & Business] [Money & Business] Josh Elledge Built a $5 Million Business Spending Only $500 in Advertising – Here’s How He Did It & How You Can, Too!

#3) [Money & Business] [Money & Business] This Man Has Gotten Booked 1500+ Times on TV & National Radio Shows to Promote His Business – Here’s How You Can, Too!

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  • Kellys

    He is living proof that it is possible to make something out of nothing. I love stories like this…..realistic, engaging and inspiring. This is a cool channel.

  • MitchStewert

    .He knows his stuff. He knows the importance of matching a client to the right media outlet and getting them to the right demographic. Otherwise, what’s the point?

  • Shane Winters

    The only other point I see is expanding your demographic. Trying to reach a different circle of people. It’s risky, but it’s something I see someone like Damion doing.

  • Cece

    Josh’s advice to have patience should be easy to do. Seeing some success in five years in a business you love and you’re good at is nothing, compared to working thirty years in a job you don’t like.

  • Starr

    Patience is easy to advise someone to do, but to actually practice it is another story. Most people fail in business and in life because they never have the patience to see something that they start through.

  • LeeD

    I can tell you that patience is not an easy thing to achieve, especially when you’re starting a business. We are all wired to want to see the results of our efforts almost immediately.

  • Simon

    Josh, thank you for all that actionable advice that you gave us here. For those of us who are still trying to build our businesses, any knowledge or advice from those who’ve been there is truly appreciated.