[Full Episode] Believe – Complete Show – Dec. 13th, 2016

In this Episode, Nicholas Upchurch discusses:

#1) [Money & Business] 7 Minute Online Business Blueprint (+ Free Bonus Tips)

#2) [True Success] 7 Minutes to Happiness & Forgiveness

#3) [World News] SPECIAL UPDATE: Russia Nuclear War Update (2016-2017)

#4) [Our Universe] NASA Reveals 2 Trillion Galaxies (10x Increase) – What Does it Mean for You?

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  • Shalene

    This is definitely one of my favorite episodes. I think the session on happiness and forgiveness is so helpful in every aspect of our lives. I also have such an interest in NASA and all the things they have discovered thus far. This episode kept me intrigued from beginning to end.

  • Lindisty

    This is still one of my favourite shows, just for the segment about NASA finding 20 trillion more galaxies. The scale of it is just so…wow! Another wonderful show, with some really good advice for businesses.

  • JackieO

    Amazing, isn’t it? I think this episode had so many great points in it, but NASA finding the other galaxies is my favorite too. It’s just so exciting to think about what else is out there that we don’t know about yet. I can’t wait to find out more!

  • Pyrocanthia

    I hate to go against the flow, but the section
    about online advertising and web marketing was really good. It is so important
    to know where people coming from and what they are looking for if you
    want to know what is going to turn a visitor into a customer. Thanks for the
    tips on going viral!

  • Rendering

    Thank for the indepth look at the four P’s of marketing in your Online Business Blueprint. It is such a basic part of running a business, but if a business gets them wrong it is going to fail. You can’t reach customers if you aren’t where your customers are, and if they don’t trust you then you’re going to have an uphill battle to win them over.

  • Paige

    Any online advertising or web marketing is such a great thing. I’m so glad that someone else sees how important this is. I also thought it was great to learn about the different types of websites needed for each type of business. I never thought about having a profile page separate from my product page.

  • Janelle

    These are my sentiments exactly! While I love everything covered in this episode. The online advertising tips are most valuable to me because this is an area I have struggled with in getting new clients interested in the services I have to offer.