[Full Episode] Believe – Complete Show – Dec. 12th, 2016

In this Episode, Nicholas Upchurch helps you with:

#1) The Freedom & Love Technique to help you clear up any deep feelings from your past that may be holding you back from achieving real success.

#2) The Championship Business & Life Formula – What 2 National Championship Football Coaches Nicholas Upchurch played for taught him about succeeding in both business & life, and how you can apply it to your life.

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  • MacrossFan

    Looks like not-the-best of you is better than the best of a whole lot of others! Thanks for doing the show & hope you feel better soon. Its kind of reassuring to hear you have bad days too!

  • Fluffykit

    I can’t believe that you came back from a cracked spine. Well, I can it because you obviously did, but it is amazing. How did you manage to keep your head up through that?

  • Norma

    LOL, that is so true. Sometimes we forget that you’re human, too. Thanks for sharing and reminding us that it’s alright to be vulnerable sometimes and that we don’t have to be perfect all the time.

  • JohnV

    That sounds really painful! I can only imagine how you held on through all that. I guess it demonstrates even more clearly why you are qualified to inspire and motivate others through their pain.

  • Brian

    Thank you for an amazing video. I am still getting over the fact that you provide all this value and inspiration for free. It’s really amazing the work that you do, and it must be so fulfilling to have such transformational power in people’s lives.

  • Holly

    I know every situation is different for everyone, and you can never tell how you will react to a situation in your life based on how someone else reacted to a similar situation in their life, but I do think that it helps when you come across other people’s stories that serve as an inspiration in your own life.

  • Tina

    I struggled so long with depression, then anger and now because of teachers and mentors like you, I have found peace in my life and everything is unfolding so wonderfully. Thank you so much.