Failure Can Make You Rich!

“Failure can make you rich”? It sounds completely crazy… until you realize who some of the people that have said this very same thing are. Here’s what you need to know about failure, so you can truly succeed in business & life.

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  • MacrossFan

    Thanks for sharing your failures. The bit about accidentally sounding like a woman was hilarious! It’s true though, I mean look at Post-It-Notes. The maker failed to invent a working glue but noticed he was using the weak glue he made to attach notes to his desk. Result: wealth from failing to invent glue!

  • KennaRae

    Many feel down when they fail. That is only the human in us. However, if we turn it around and use it as a learning experience, one day we may look back and be thankful we failed a time or two.

  • BellaH

    I don’t think that you can have success without failure. Everyone needs to fail in order to get better at something. I really think it’s important for people to hear about very successful people having failures because it makes us realize that they are only human and that we can overcome these obstacles that are put in front of us.

  • JohnV

    A lot of the super successful people that I know have overcome some pretty serious stuff to get to where they are today, from failed businesses, bankruptcy, prison, and so on – and because of the decision they made to turn their lives around, the pendulum really swung far for them and I’m inspired by their stories.

  • Flint

    I was one of the lucky ones who was brought up to believe that you either win or you learn, there is no such thing as losing. And so I find it really easy to pick myself up after I ‘fail’ and carry on and learn from my mistakes.

  • Lisa

    That is truly a great way of looking at life. I am going to adopt that philosophy in my own life and teach it to my children. Beautiful!

  • Rhylie

    We may think we are failures at times, but we are really all going through a learning phase. Whether it happens when we fail at a career or at a relationship, there is always something to learn from something that does not succeed the first time.

  • trinity

    …If at first you don’t succeed… There is a reason for it. I think that in life you either use the experiences that come your way as lessons or you spend your life feeling that you have no control over the things that happen in it.