In The Age of Big, Thinking Small Is Actually Better For Business

In this clip from our show ‘Believe’, we help you with “Money & Business.“

Entrepreneurs, Don’t Learn These 8 Lessons The Hard Way”

• As entrepreneurs, we tend to lead with big picture thinking, but it’s paying attention to the details that will ultimately set us apart.

• Each day we make a series of decisions, some of them are small, but all of them affect us.

• Stop making excuses for yourself and be mindful of where you place your energy.

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  • bakersdozen

    As someone interested in and working on starting a business, that 80% statistic is terrifying. Excuses and procrastination are my biggest barriers. I have the idea, I pretty sure I have the skills, but I’m nowhere closer to launch. I’m always thinking about planning or planning when to plan without actually planning. It’s an endless, vicious cycle.

  • RapidfireRanter

    I understand your fear bakersdozen, but that statistic jumps too 100% if you never get started at all. Sometimes you’ve just got to go for it.

  • KeeperofUnicorns

    Overall, I think today’s mindset is that you have to be the next Uber, Facebook, or Microsoft in order to be successful. The goal is to create a behemoth rather than build a slow and steady customer base.