[Full Episode] Believe – Complete Show – Aug. 9th, 2017

In this Episode:

#1) [Money & Business] Entrepreneurs, Don’t Learn These 8 Lessons The Hard Way

#2) [True Success] 3 Keys to Successful Cooperation In the Workplace

#3) [Our Universe] The Great American Eclipse Is Only 2 Weeks Away

#4) [World News] A Japanese Tumblr User Responds Perfectly to Cyber Racism

#5) [Health & Wellness] Liberate Yourself From Stress With These 4 Simple Hacks

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  • candidanderson

    I appreciate the positive spin on the news that this channel brings. Can’t wait for the eclipse myself, but I’ll probably be at work. I’m taking my special glasses with me just in case I have time to sneak-a-peek.

  • PoisonIvy

    I just hope the weather cooperates this time so that I don’t miss it! I feel like I miss everything interesting behind cloud cover where I live! And I agree with you…I love that there is a choice to not watch the MSM and all the negative crap that is shown all the time.

  • Sissy

    I am so glad that I found your show, I now look forward to it every day. I would love for everyone at my job to listen to the segment about cooperation in the workplace. This show would be a great way to start the day at the office.