The Freedom & Love Technique: How to Deal with Anger that Limits You

In this clip, Nicholas Upchurch helps you to deal with the things that can not only prevent you from success, but haunt us our entire lives. Those tough things that you think are a separate issue from your personal success are often those which can set you free.

We want to enable you to soar! Watch this video, and get specific steps on how to deal with the anger and obstacles limiting your success!

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  • 1Broadband4u

    I really like your site.

    I think that understanding the biology/medical aspect of emotions is the key to controlling them. Understanding that emotions have medical consequences and benefits can help a great deal in controlling them.

  • Susannah

    I deal with the heartbreak of my mother having dementia on a daily basis. It affects every aspect of my life. Thanks for the tips in this video. Hopefully, I will be able to use them to get through the hardest days.

  • Trixie

    Emotions are our guide to knowing how we are doing everyday in regards to whether we’re going towards the things, circumstances or situations that we want or not. I find that generally, the better I feel, the closer I am to what I really want, and the worse I feel about the subject, then the further away I am. It’s really amazing just how feeling good can actually help you in the achievement of all your big goals and dreams.

  • Russell

    I wish more people understood that emotions are the key to creating and living your best life as the best version of yourself. Unfortunately most of us live by only our physical senses and we trust what we see, hear, smell, taste and touch more than what our emotions are telling us.

  • JonMontoya31

    That’s true, but you need to know when to keep them in check. There are times when not being emotional is just as important as being emotional. The center is still on the emotional part of you, you’re just not using it.

  • Rhylie

    Many people do not realize just how important emotional health and stability is. How we feel about ourselves, others, our jobs and life in general is just as important as how we think about those things. For me, feeling and thinking can be totally different. I may think I need to do something, but I may feel it is in my best interest if I don’t. Those emotions that make us feel a certain way are often what keeps us from making really big mistakes.

  • Bryson Leigh

    I have to agree with you! While I am a very emotional person, there are times when it is best to be mature and not let our emotions take over. I have had times when this happened at the workplace and it was better for me to remain unemotional in order to keep the situation under control.