The Secret to Authentic Love – Revealed by Celebrity Love Coach Orion Talmay

This is the secret to Authentic Love as revealed by Love Coach Orion Talmay on our show ‘Believe’. This is a great interview and I hope you enjoy!

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  • Ben

    In my life I’ve always found it easy to find love, but I guess I was an ‘unconscious competent’ because it’s only now that I’m learning all these things that I’m discovering exactly how that used to come about. Thanks for a very informative article.

  • hotnerd

    I totally agree that if you want a real and honest relationship then trust is essential. I am surprised at other people who think that they can have a wonderful relationship without trusting the other person.

  • Freebird

    I know a lot of people who want to attract kind, loving, exciting, loyal partners, but then you look at them and they are nothing like those qualities that they want to attract. Thanks for explaining this.

  • Starry

    My boyfriend and I talked specifically about honesty at the beginning of our relationship, and we still fight sometimes because of our lies. I think it’s too naive to expect our partners to be 100% honest, but trust is also about compromise.


    I’d disagree that we have to be the type of the person we want to attract. Sure, similar hobbies or views may help, but when you are too similar to your partner, the relationship tend to be stagnant, thus it becomes prone to crumbling down.

  • Dean

    I agree with you. If we want a certain kind of person,or thing or experience in our lives, then we have to be in alignment with that otherwise it just can’t come to us.

  • Wilde Miss

    My husband and I are not alike, nor do we always agree and we are truly happy and compliment one another. I would not want to be with my clone. I value my husband for the ways he is different from me, not the ways we are the same.