How to Relate to People & Why It’s Important to Your Success

This is a skill I learned from my mother, who is a great communicator. I truly believe that relating to people and understanding them is the single most important thing we can do to be successful. Making money will happen if you can do this. Everyone thinks it’s easy to do this. It seems like common sense. However, we delve deeper into this topic of truly relating to people, family, friends & customers in this video. This is an in-depth clip you won’t want to miss!

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  • Lola

    After I read the book How to win friends and influence people, I’ve been on a journey to try to learn more about how to improve my interactions with people, both at work and in my personal life. Your advice comes at a time when I could really use it dealing with some very trying people in a very difficult situation at work. Thank you for sharing.

  • JohnV

    I read that book too, and I have to say those were some very helpful ideas when it comes to relating to people. I love the ideas that are communicated in this episode, and I think that if we were to implement these in our daily lives, we would have more meaningful and productive business and personal relationships.

  • Brie

    Great episode. Thanks for helping me understand how to communicate more effectively with the people that surround me. Sometimes it’s not easy to relate to people, but these techniques do help if you practice them often.

  • WM Jones

    There are so many ways to relate to people though, some people are charismatic leaders, others try to empathise. People will listen more if you understand them, but also if you have something they want, like when you listen to your boss because you want to have a job and get paid.

    People in power not listening to others is the root of so many problems. If power is disconnected from the people, then how can real problems be handled?

  • Rhylie

    No matter what your goal in life is you have to be able to easily relate to others in one form or another. If you are selling a product, you have to know what your customers want. If you are providing a service, you must know how they want that service performed. Being able to understand others can truly determine how happy we are in both our professional and personal lives.

  • NullPlus

    A wonderful video, stressing just how important it is to work with others, especially true in the information age.

    There are so many different ways to communicate it can be really hard to form bonds sometimes. Online it isn’t just languages that are barriers, but that different cultures have different base assumptions and different ways of expressing things. As we go global, forming relationships will have to overcome these type of barriers, but if as you say, people are willing to try there is nothing we can’t do!

  • JackieO

    I’ve never heard of this book until now. This sounds like something that I could really use in my life. I have a very hard time communicating with others because I’m a very shy person; I’ve been that way all of my life. It always amazes me when I see other people who just know what to say all of the time and people love talking to them. I wonder if this book could teach me how to be like that?