The $100 Million Hunt For Alien Life Spots 15 Mysterious Light Flashes

In this clip from our show ‘Believe’, we discuss “Our Universe”.

“The $100 Million Hunt For Alien Life Spots 15 Mysterious Light Flashes

• 15 Mysterious Flashing Lights coming from another galaxy caught the attention of astronomers when they were observing our galaxy.

• FRB 121102 is a dwarf from another galaxy, 3 billion light-years from Earth and is a known source of high-energy fast radio bursts, but never before at this frequency.

• Could these flashing lights be evidence for the existence of alien life?

Hosted By: Vanessa Jacob

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  • hymn-day

    I personally would believe UFOs more than flashing lights. It can be produced by for example meteors colliding, stars bursting, and so on. I think it’s a good information to have, but here’s hoping that we will be able to gather more and make a better analysis soon.

  • Lucy LaRossa

    I am beginning to really think that they may have discovered that we are not alone. There have been so many siting, faces on Mars, and mummified alien corpses, we are really starting to see some evidence.

  • Sena

    I totally agree that we are getting closer every day to finding real evidence that there are others out in the galaxy. What a wonderful turn of events it would be (hopefully) to find that we are not alone after all!