Why Looking For Aliens Is Good For Society

In this clip from our show ‘Believe’, we discuss “Our Universe”.

“Why Looking For Aliens Is Good For Society”

• The search for alien life has been on our minds for centuries, and it seems like each year we get a little closer to finding what we’re looking for.

• Astrobiology, the study of life in space, is helping to move 21st-century science back to more interdisciplinary outlook that once prevailed in earlier times.

• The growth of a unifying cosmic perspective is potentially of enormous importance!”

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  • Fox

    I agree 100% Vanessa. Aliens have definitely visited Earth, and it’s time to declassify it already. Various governments want to keep it hidden so they can exploit the technology to use against enemies, as if that’s all it could be good for. It’s a waste and everyone knows it’s a lie. Let’s try to do good for once.

  • Newcomb

    I think discovering alien life would be a very interesting tipping point for humanity, but outside of the various science disciplines that come together to research it, I’m not sure it’s really creating a kum ba yah moment for society. We seem to be searching for more and more ways to be self destructive and tear ourselves apart, so I’m not even convinced that actually proving alien life exists would bring us together at this point.

  • Starry

    I can see why you feel like that. From a scientific standpoint, this research brings many disciplines together as they complement each other. But when we finally reach the goal, nobody knows what the results can be used for and who want to use it for their own benefit. When my cynical side kicks in, sometimes I hope these aliens bring more threat to our world like in movies or games because that seems to be the only situation that we can reunite.

  • Orion

    Newcomb, I feel very much the same way, especially with this latest outbreak of violence fueled by hatred and bigotry. People hate other humans for having a different skin color, imagine how they’d react to another species that’s intelligent to travel here.