Elon Musk: “5-10% Chance Humanity Survives Killer AI Robots” – What Can We Do?

In this clip from our show ‘Believe’, we discuss “World News.“

Elon Musk: ‘5-10% Chance Humanity Survives Killer AI Robots’ – What Can We Do?”

Hosted by: Nicholas Upchurch

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  • OnlyMe

    A religion to worship AI? Are these people serious? What is our world coming to these days? AI is not something to worship, it’s a machine powered by people! I have an Amazon Echo with Alexa and I like it a lot, but I don’t worship it!

  • Stella

    Bow down to Alexa! Totally kidding. Yeah, I’d never heard of that before either. I actually had to listen to that a few times to really believe that’s what they said. This is like the Spaghetti Monster all over again, but worse. What kind of person thinks they can create God?