Symbolism in Star Wars, The Matrix & Popular Movies with Robert Sullivan

In this clip from our show ‘Believe’, we discuss “World News.“

Symbolism in Star Wars, The Matrix & Popular Movies with Robert Sullivan”

Hosted by: Nicholas Upchurch

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  • itsjustme

    Joseph Campbell is my homeboy. I’m pretty sure Robert Sullivan is now too because I’ve been absolutely digging these videos. The monomyth is the most prevalent story in all of history. I remember in class, a teacher pulled up the basic outlines of A New Hope and the first Harry Potter book using pretty much all of the same words, just different specifics. Things tend to follow a formula with several familiar archetypes along the way.

  • BigDreamer

    Now that was very interesting. I want to go and re-watch now so that I can further understand what he was pointing out. I remember my English teacher pointing stuff out in books that we would read that I would never have thought of unless it was pointed out to me. I guess movies are the same way.