3 Simple Techniques To Help You Find More Energy & Ease

In this clip from our show ‘Believe’, we help you with “Health & Wellness“.

“3 Simple Techniques To Help You Find More Energy & Ease”

• We are all made up of energy and our energies carry vibrations.

• When we feel misaligned or disconnected in life, we are most likely imbalanced on a emotional, spiritual and metaphysical level as well.

• The first step is determining where you are right now in life, do you feel connected or disconnected from your life or your emotions?

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  • RapidfireRanter

    I’m not much of a fan of the New Age stuff, but I must admit that deep breathing exercise always help me focus and pull it together.


    Listening to the advice from the video, I feel like the key is actually in being thankful. It’s a reminder to be grateful of all the positive things we have and start using them to improve on the negative ones. Learning that we are not as unlucky as we thought (or that it could be much worse) helps to keep the push strong.

  • Starry

    Personally I would be too lazy to go count the percentage, but I’ve tried writing down those lists before in a self-retreat session. It’s kind of sad that the negative list has so many items, but it’s also eye-opening. We take a step closer to understanding ourselves and therefore are able to manage our emotion and energy better. I haven’t done that in a while; I guess it’s time!