Miracles Do Happen: Mother Recently Gave Birth After Being Struck By Lightning

In this clip from our show ‘Believe’, we discuss “World News.“

Miracles Do Happen: Mother Recently Gave Birth After Being Struck By Lightning

• Meghan Davidson was taking a simple stroll when the unthinkable happened: she was struck by lightning. Making things worse she was pregnant and was forced to have an emergency Cesarean to save her unborn baby.

• Emergency physician Dr. Robert Glatter: “They didn’t have a stillbirth, that’s quite a miracle.”

• Being hit by a lightning is a rare event and what makes Davidson’s case extremely unusual is the fact that she was pregnant at the same time.

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  • BigDreamer

    It’s stories like this that make me keep coming back to watch this show! I love stories like this, they always make my day. There are too many sad stories in the news today and I wish they would share more stories like this.

  • Sena

    I agree with you there BigDreamer! It is so uplifting to see that real miracles happen every day. I was reading on the web about a 2 year old toddler that fell nine stories and made it with no apparent adverse affects. God sure moves in mysterious ways!

  • Betsy

    On January 13, 2017, a toddler drowned in a pool while the family was visiting friends. The father noticed that little Joy was not around and he immediately got a bad feeling. He ran to the Koi pool and searched, no Joy. Then he felt the need to check the fenced pool area. When he got there he saw his daughter floating lifeless in the pool. He jumped he 5 foot fence and started CPR. The paramedics got there and took over. By the time they got to the hospital, Joy had a heart beat. They put her in a medical coma and a ventilator. Now she has been released from intensive care and has been able to nurse. Still a long way to go but this was a miracle!