SHOCKING: NASA Reveals 2 Trillion Galaxies (10x Increase) – What Does it Mean for You?

This is a shocking clip from our show Believe. We discuss NASA’s new revelation. They’ve disclosed that there are 10x more galaxies than previously thought. We also discuss things that the government may have not been able to reveal until now, and what all of this could mean for you and your purpose here on Earth.

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  • Rendering

    NASA are talking about the observable universe, so it’s not really a surprise that as we improve the technology we use to look at the universe, we can see more galaxies. I grew up with the open, expanding, universe model, so for me the idea has always been accepting that the universe is finite or limited.

    It is an interesting video, but while I’d love to believe the overspend at the Pentagon had to do with space investment, I suspect a lot was bureaucracy and bad paperwork. I worked in local government once, and left after they filed a project plan that had its final testing phase before the design and development of the system they were testing…

  • Brie

    I’m with you on this one, Rendering. I have always believed that the universe is always expanding to suit our desires, and so this news comes as no surprise to me. It’s a very interesting video, and thanks for sharing it.

  • Paige

    This is such a fascinating video. It really opens up your perspective on things and makes you wonder what else is really out there. I’ve always had this feeling that the galaxy is so much larger than we can ever imagine. There is only so much that we can see and I’ve always thought that maybe there is other life past where we have explored.

  • NullPlus

    The galaxy is the same size it has always been. NASA just found more galaxies, far more galaxies than we had ever imagined we could see! What we haven’t found yet is life outside our plant, although I hope that is only a matter of time.

  • Abigal

    I think the galaxy will always be a learning experience for NASA and all of us. Considering the time, energy and money it takes to explore outer space, I simply cannot believe that we will ever know about everything that is really out there.

  • Holly

    As humans we tend to rely a little too much on only what our physical senses tell us, and that is why we are moving so slowly forward. I’m not surprised that they found that new information, but I do believe more amazing and astounding discoveries are yet to be made.

  • Brian

    Great video. I agree with Abigail that the galaxy will always be a learning experience for NASA and everyone else. There will just be more and more exciting new discoveries as time goes.

  • Adam W

    They sure like to put the cart before the horse, don’t they? This is why I’m excited for the private enterprises that are starting to take part in space exploration. I’m sure they can do a better job than governments.