The Infinite Banking Concept with Valhalla Wealth President M.C. Laubscher

Banks make a tremendous amount of profit each year. Listen carefully as we discuss a strategy to legally “emulate” the bank’s investment strategies so you can make more with your money.

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  • Rendering

    Thanks for this really detailed look at cashflow management. The idea of getting money in early and paying out as late as you can is vital, and since poor cashflow is what kills so many small businesses and gets investors into trouble it is really important to be aware of and manage it.

  • Tnrxy

    That is information that I really could have used a few years ago while I was running my own small business (to the ground…) But thank you because I know more now about what to do next time around.

  • Taliska

    Fees on investments can take a huge chunk of your capital, but using mutuals and life insurance policies to get round this, and get tax-free cash, is a very interesting way of getting round this and not one I had considered. Thank for you something I shall be investigating.

  • Dean

    When people think of investing, they seldom think about the investment fees that are associated with it, and this can easily make some people end up losing money in the long run.

  • DK342

    My finances took a turn for the better when I learned to pay myself first and invest it. At first it wasn’t much, just a few dollars a week, but watching that grow and knowing that it was an investment in my future has been so rewarding. I will never stop that habit.