Quick Tip: 2 Organizational Tools to Help You Make Money

These are two quick tools you can use for organization. We talk about how to use them, why it’s important, and what characteristics to look for in organizational tools for your business and life.

Also, we talk about two different personality types and ways to become more motivated to use organizational tools no matter what your personality type may be. If you’re logical or artistic, I think you’ll really benefit from this! We want you to make more money NOW! 😉

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  • Lola

    This is invaluable information for those of us who are in the process of building our own businesses. Thanks for sharing this. I could do with a little more organization and time management skills in my work.

  • Rendering

    All the tools are great for organising, but the real problem is that they won’t help if you don’t have the discipline to use them, and keep using them! Spreadsheets are invaluable for businesses, but the auto save is something you need to make sure is set up. Not all software has it, and if you think it does and it doesn’t, you will lose data.

  • Shalene

    Clutter in your home carries over to clutter in your workplace which often leads to clutter in every aspect of your life. These tools you talk about are excellent ways to keep your business organized and can also be very helpful in keeping your schedules, home finances and daily chores in order. If it were not for making lists, I could not keep track of anything I have to do.

  • NullPlus

    Given how insecure the cloud is, I’m not really happy putting detail on there, especially when it is work- or client-related. There are free private alternatives that can do the same and are less easy to hack, like getting some free webspace and locking it to your devices. I can see how the cloud helps if you have an overseas assistant though.

  • Abigal

    About a year ago, my son turned me on to Google docs. I was simply amazed at how well my 22 year old son was keeping all his documents for both work and home in order. Now, I use it regularly and it has really made my life a lot less stressful.

  • Astrid26

    This is so true. Nothing is more important than having a clean work space along with a clean home. It really helps to get you more organized if everything in your life is where it needs to be. I am a firm believer in this and I keep track of everything down to making my own budget each month for my bills on a spreadsheet.

  • Iceman

    I have docs and they were used as a defaults saving “site” when I did work for a client in MS Word. I’ll take a closer look into what that has to offer me versus what I need, but for now I’m still using folders on my desktop