Who Were the “NAGA” Half Reptilian Shapeshifting Beings From Ancient India?

In this clip from our show ‘Believe’, we discuss “Our Universe”.

“Who Were the “NAGA” Half Reptilian Shapeshifting Beings From Ancient India?”

“Ancient Indian texts reveal non-human, half-reptilian beings. Few are aware of this… were they real or only myth? You decide on “”Believe””…

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  • Stella

    Ancient Aliens is a really interesting show. I’m not too sure how much I buy into it but I’ve always loved entertaining the ideas presented. I feel the same way about the Naga. I’ve actually read about them before in some fantasy novels but didn’t know all of the information you talked about. I’m going to have to look into them some more. They’re fascinating! I didn’t realize they were prominent in so many different cultures.

  • HannaBanana

    I haven’t read any books about them but they’re in a lot of Bollywood films – which makes total sense now that I know the history thanks to this video! I’ve always wondered what people were really seeing when they witnessed these creatures centuries ago. Were they just creatures they hadn’t seen before and these crazy hybrid creatures are just their attempt to identify something based on what they already know? Or is there more to it?