Top 3 Self-Confidence Boosters to Help You Succeed Now

Here are the top 3 self-confidence boosters that will help you succeed now! These are a bit unconventional, but we think they really can help you discover what will finally give you the confidence you need to free yourself from any blockages in your life. Whether it’s money, love or peace you want, these can help you now.

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  • Regan

    Thank you so much for sharing some of your backstory to us, Nick. You made this such an uplifting show for me. I think one thing that I always forget is that I’m not alone in anything that I do. Sometimes it’s really hard to remember that because when things go wrong we search for the reasons why and sometimes we want to do this on our own when we should be letting others help us.

  • Melda

    Thanks for giving up your holiday to make this. It must be quite a change from having no windows to that absolutely beautiful view! I guess I just have to work on my self confidence, so thanks for the tips.

    Some of the things you discuss and the stories you mention, like remote viewing, are fascinating and I really look forward to the episodes you’re doing next!

  • JohnV

    Great piece. It’s a wonderful way to get into the new year when you have such material to inspire and motivate you. I do believe that self confidence is the answer to achieving all our biggest dreams and I intend to work on strengthening mine.

  • Brian

    I struggled for the longest time with asking for help, and now that I’ve finally learnt that it’s OK to give others the opportunity to help you and feel good about themselves, too, I am less stressed in my personal life and my work.

  • Tina

    That is some real advice right there. Self-confidence is of the utmost importance in determining who we are and what we think we are capable of and ultimately what we attempt to do in life.

  • JonMontoya31

    Letting others help me with my own self-confidence is something I never let myself do. I have never let anyone that far in and I have always told myself I don’t need to. But after seeing this…….I would be willing, but someone would have to make the first move. I believe I would be ready to reciprocate in kind.

  • Bryson Leigh

    The view from your balcony is gorgeous. I love that you did an episode like this! Your self-confidence boosters are great. I especially understand how easily it is to feel totally alone sometimes. Thanks for confirming that none of us are ever alone. I also appreciate that you believe in a Higher Power. This is one of my favorite episodes yet!!

  • trinity

    I think that when it comes to loneliness and feeling disconnected, this happens to a lot more people than we think. The world is becoming smaller, and yet we are lonelier than ever. Thanks for an informative video.