7 Easy Steps to Getting a Better Job & More Clients

Our show ‘Believe’ was designed to help you prosper & succeed! In this clip, we want to put more money in your bank account by giving you 7 easy steps to getting a better & attracting more clients!

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to move up in the corporate world, or trying to get more clients for your own business, these tips apply to both situations. Enjoy and we wish you a tremendous amount of success!

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  • Leylandii

    At my age I’m a little to old for early morning calisthenics, but it is
    fun to watch someone else have fun doing it. Next time will you bring
    lycra (just kidding)? Will there be a next time?

  • BrySar

    Now, a real cynic would say that kids these days don’t know this because it’s not taught, and common sense just isn’t that common anymore. The positive outlook would see it as room for improvement.

    Either way though, it’s still good advice and a good refresher course for someone making a career change after 10 or 15 years at the same job.

  • IvalisseFan

    Isn’t that “Common sense isn’t”, like my parents keep saying like it’s a joke? It isn’t a joke if it’s true, I guess.

    I’m really glad you do podcasts of these shows ‘cos some of them are kinda long.

  • Marshia

    This just goes to show that some things don’t change. Basic job hunting skills are just that, but you do need to put updated twists on it to keep it relevant. Believe did a good job with that I think.

  • Kate

    Part of the problem is that we have our kids picking careers before they are even allowed to drink. This leads to the rising numbers of people who are stuck in jobs they hate and ultimately need to hone their skills to find new careers later in their lives.

  • KennaRae

    I have known people who had an enormous amount of book sense, but very little common sense or “street smarts” as some call it. I think to be successful at any business or career, it is just as important to teach our kids to have common sense that will help them interact with others and get more clients. After all, they may get a lot of on the job training to do the job right, but they may not be taught how to know exactly what their clients need.

  • AnaLeisa

    One thing I have seen that is now done in schools is a career assessment. My children both did this around 7th and 8th grade. It is a test where they input their interests, personality traits, strengths and weaknesses. Then they are given a list of careers that they may be successful at. It would be great if all of us had this tool before starting our own business ventures and careers.