Understanding is the Key to Success

A caller calls in to our show ‘Believe’ and has a great question. Nicholas Upchurch helps you discover why the key to success is “Understanding” and how many different categories in our lives are actually related to each other when it comes to your personal success.

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  • Leylandii

    Understanding is important. Thank you for the reminder that anyone watching this show is rich compared to most of the world, simply because we can afford a device to view it on, and have that facility. At this time of year it is so very appropriate.

  • MacrossFan

    If we enter the contest and have a good question, you’ll answer it? Cool! It’s great to see you talking to your viewers like that, and thanks for hiding her email address. I was getting kinda worried when you starting saying “Email”!

  • Kate

    If we compare ourselves with other people we will always either come out of it feeling really blessed or really poor. It’s all a matter of perspective. Some people have more and others have less. It’s just life. What matters is how you choose to use the resources that you have at your disposal.

  • BellaH

    I agree with you completely, Kate. When I was younger I would compare myself to my friend’s lives and what they had accomplished and it made me feel terrible about my own life. For most people, I think that we just need to find our own paths and not worry about what other people have. Once I stopped doing that, I found that I was much happier with my own choices.

  • Everleigh

    I agree that was a great question. We all can use great advice on how to improve our business. I think she asked the perfect person to get the best answer.

  • Madisyn

    We have to understand ourselves and others even if those people are working against us. I agree that if we have a spiritual connection with ourselves, we can better see what causes both good and bad things to happen in our lives.

  • Janelle

    Unfortunately many people have grown up being compared to a more successful sibling or family member. This often has a negative impact on how successful a person is actually able to become because they always feel like they aren’t good enough. I think if we were able to embrace individual talents many people would be much happier.