Are Hurricane Harvey & Hurricane Irma Engineered by HAARP?

In this clip from our show ‘Believe’, we discuss “World News.“

“Are Hurricane Harvey & Hurricane Irma Engineered by HAARP?

• Hurricanes and fear seem to be on the news 24/7

• Were these hurricanes actually engineered by HAARP or other govenrment modification systems?

• We examine anomolies on the satellite imaging from Hurricane Harvey and discuss why we even have to ask questions such as these

Hosted by: Nicholas Upchurch

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  • Irene Love

    The media absolutely uses fear. It’s the preferred method of the system to control people, and it benefits the media because it holds eyeballs better than anything else.

  • bakersdozen

    I don’t buy it. HAARP was abandoned a few years ago and I doubt the University of Alaska is out to get the South. Besides, if this administration could control the weather, they’d be hitting New York as opposed to Houston.

  • Whatanidiotyouare

    You think America is the only ones with this tech

  • Kalah Rose

    Whatever you believe, I just find it ironic that the states with HIGHEST poverty rates are California to Florida and up to North Carolina.

    With high poverty, naturally comes a high dependency on government services.

    Now do the math- with an overall increase in population comes more demand for services (especially with a continued high rate of immigration). You can’t keep taxing the middle class, cutting upper class taxes and still give government pay increases.

    Theoretically, if you aren’t smart or talented enough to balance the system- you eliminate the need for services, cut services, cut immigration, decrease family growth, family support networks, increase the use of birth control, increase the need for divorce, make homosexuality more appealing and voila! Fewer babies being made (especially among the poor) and THEN manufacture wildfires, hurricanes and maybe throw in some piles of raw shark bait into the surf near the Outer Banks (that was in humor- not much of North Carolina’s welfare recipients are likely spending money on boards).

    Hooray! Uncle Sam and Aunt Samantha can keep getting money, the middle class become the lower “working” class, the upper class become the middle class (boooo), and the downright rich just pile up more money than they could spend in order to have pissing matches with each other (sad, sad, four-eyed gingers).

    I can hear it now “Yer wallets so fat, it has its own zip code……..mine has two”. Conspiracy theory or humor? It’s your story now. Tell it any way you like.

  • Matt Allen

    Absolutely no. There are older reports about China, Japan, and even weaponizing the environment in Vietnam to have an edge in battle.

  • Matt Allen

    Also Tyler from secureteam10 is an amazingly smart individual and does a fantastic job at what he does. I follow him on YouTube and Twitter because he is very open minded and truly analyzes the crazy things that go on in this world

  • Cheryl Hodge

    You are wrong, “BakersDozen”. HAARP is still VERY much alive. Check it out!

  • Thor

    its open for rent if you want. The govt no longer has any involvement. HAARP can only effect the ionosphere directly above the transmitter and the amount of energy it creates is miniscule compared to the energy a hurricane has….its fake news to suggest HAARP can affect the weather.

  • Thor

    I find it ironic that your facts are wrong:

  • Kalah Rose

    Actually, according to the link that YOU provided- I am right. The darker states are the highest poverty rates. The majority ARE in the South. Look again- otherwise you may want to check a color blindness exam.

    Likely, the higher rates from California to Texas involve immigration from Mexico (and other nationals that use their routes of illegal immigration). As far as Florida on up, we still have illegal immigrants AND legal immigrants from South America and island nations.

    Let’s not forget a slew of lower income retirees, convicts who flee to New Mexico and other southern states and people who skip out to warmer turf for a more sustainable homeless climate.

    This among numerous other factors is why there are higher poverty rates in those listed states.

  • Kalah Rose

    Exactly said. Speaking of fear- look at this hurricane season! You get 20 people dead out of MILLIONS on the islands and multiple governments are forcing evacuations.

    It could be weeks before people are allowed home. In the meantime- restaurants, hotels, airlines and gas stations are making money while people are out of work burning through vacation funds (if they’re fortunate enough to have one).

    If it were me, I’d stay home and suck up my 1/500,000 chance of getting killed. I haven’t one a jackpot yet.

  • Macho

    😂😂 Very true