[Full Episode] Believe – Complete Show – Dec. 27th, 2016

In this Episode, Nicholas Upchurch helps you with:

#1) [True Success] Feel Good, Get Excited, Get Crazy..

#2) [True Success] Understanding is the Key to Success

#3) [Money & Business] 7 Easy Steps to Getting a Better Job & More Clients

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  • Russell

    Thanks for the wonderful and inspiring episode. I am in the process of building my online business, and I get frustrated sometimes but it’s advice like the one here that keeps me going no matter what happens.

  • Madisyn

    I love your enthusiasm and positivity in this episode. I think if we could all have this attitude, we could be much more successful in both businesses and our personal lives as well.

  • Dean

    We all need more of this inspiring and motivating help as we go into the new year. And it’s great that you offer all this for free. It’s unfortunate that a lot of people are into ‘shelf help’ and will just take this and make it data for later instead of implementing all the great ideas and concepts into their lives right now.

  • Pyrocanthia

    I know your problems with hiring a virtual assistant. They are so useful, but trying to hire someone when you can’t meet them face to face makes it very difficult to know who to trust. There are so many scams out there.

  • JackieO

    You have said so many things that make sense in this episode. I know exactly what you are talking about with waking up with tension in different places. I normally hold this tension in my shoulders and I need to learn to let go of the stress and realize that I’m not perfect and that it takes time to get where want to be. Thank you so much for your positive attitude. You have certainly made my day.

  • Kate

    That is so true. When it comes to such things, I always find that it’s best to just gather as much information as you can and then go ahead and make a decision. It’s going to be mostly trial and error, but sooner or later you will find that one person who is just perfect for the job.

  • BellaH

    It’s amazing how much more we accomplish when we just change the way that we look at things. If you only have a negative attitude, then things are always going to look bad. I’ve learned that it’s just better to have a positive outlook on things and then I tend to get where I want to be.