Uncovered: The Ancient City Hidden Within Antarctica

Is this the “Atlantis” Plato spoke about? New reports in Mainstream News talk about a hidden city and pyramid(s) reportedly found recently in Antarctica. We discuss the overall nature of what we learn, things that may be hidden, and this recent discovery..

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  • BrySar

    While this is a fascinating find, I don’t think it’s Atlantis. Experts have already concluded that it’s more than likely to be in the Atlantic Ocean………farther north.

    Great video though, thanks for putting it up. It’s something worthy of my Facebook page.

  • BellaH

    What an interesting video. I do believe that there are lost cities under a lot of our world’s oceans. I’m not sure if the one that they are referring to is actually Atlantis, though. I love finding out facts like this to share with others and I hope that they continue to investigate these findings.

  • Janelle

    I think there will always be different beliefs and theories about what did and did not exist in the past. It is a shame that there were not records made and stored away that could be found to confirm what this mystery city was. It is so interesting learning about what it could be, but it’s hard to be sure when some believe one theory and some believe another.

  • WM Jones

    They might have kept records, but over the years involved even stone tablets disintegrate or get destroyed be people who don’t like their message. Wasn’t there an Egyptian pharaoh we only just found out about because their successors destroyed all the records?

    So believe now has an e-audiobook? I guess I will be off to look it up.

  • JackieO

    I think finding any lost city is very exciting. My hope is that one day someone will uncover what exactly happened to Atlantis and it will become an important part of history. Maybe most of their artifacts are buried so deep down on the bottom of the ocean floor that it has preserved most of them and we will get a chance to see exactly how they lived.

  • Lisa

    How exciting. I wonder what the truth surrounding this really is. It’s amazing to think that a whole civilization was lost and now found and we can learn so much from it. Thanks for sharing that awesome video.

  • 1Broadband4u

    Well, there are more than just theory’s to go by. Archeologists have been keeping records of finds for hundreds of years now, so a new find like this is just another piece in the puzzle. One day we’ll have that puzzle completed.

  • trinity

    I know it’s an exciting find for the world, but I wonder sometimes why people would work so hard to understand the world of thousands of years ago, rather than trying to understand the world that we’re living in right now. I guess I’m just hoping that their understanding of past civilizations will influence the powers that be to create a better future for all of us.