Russia To Investigate Whether U.S. Moon Landing Really Happened

In this clip from our show ‘Believe’, we discuss “Our Universe”.

Russia To Investigate Whether U.S. Moon Landing Really Happened”

• Propaganda payment or simply curiosity?

• Was the film of the first Moon Landing destroyed, lost or stolen?

• Why is it Americans don’t seem to question facts more?”

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  • Wilde Miss

    I am getting so tired of hearing about Russia, I can’t stand it! Really, who the hell cares? Does anyone else think that the Russian Government acts like a bunch of gossipy wash women? As “powerful” as they claim to be, they are really kind of ridiculous.

  • Sissy

    You do have to wonder why NASA would destroy the original tape of the first lunar landing. That actually makes no sense at all. I know lots of people question if we actually did land on the moon so it makes sense that someone else would research it.

  • happybear

    From what I’ve read, it almost sounds like it was a mistake. They had a batch of tapes that they were going to reuse and the moon landing footage ended up among that batch. That’s what happens when you don’t have an in-house librarian or archivist to help keep history safe.