MIT Algorithm Studies Our Emojis To Learn Our Quirks

Algorithm Studies Our Emojis To Learn Our Quirks”

• Programming will help AI pick up on bullying and racist comments.

• Are we teaching our youth how to behave badly or understand each other?

• Regulation should be highly considered as recently Facebook had an issue with bots creating and speaking a new language to other bots.

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  • Wilde Miss

    I guess I was giving too much credit to MIT because I misunderstood how the program was being used. I didn’t think it was simply take a text message and spit it out in emojis. I thought it was studying how we use emojis to change or convey tone in our messages. Funny I how I looked at it that way at first.

  • Irene Love

    It made me think of South Park where the analyzed emojis to find how who was being a troll to the schoolchildren. Though that seems more sophisticated than what it sounds like MIT is doing.

  • Monster Purrsheen

    Maybe I’m getting old but do we really need an algorithm that translates text to emoji? Please tell me that is not the next stage in our ever-evolving language.