Sinead O’Connor Candidly Shares Her Darkness With the World

In this clip from our show ‘Believe’, we help you with “Health & Wellness“.

Sinead O’Connor Candidly Shares Her Darkness With the World”

• Small window view into an unseen world of One of Millions #ONEOFMILLIONS

• Why is Mental Illness still not seen as a real disease?

• Mental Illness its not about you, it’s about them

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  • Wilde Miss

    This is such a tragic case, in my humble opinion. Such talent and promise and to know she was suffering for so long with mental illness. How brave of her to step forward like this. And I am like you are, Karen…I don’t typically click on items like this because I just know that the internet trolls will flock to news like this in droves and watching a vulnerable person get bullied is often heartbreaking.

  • happybear

    It’s incredibly difficult to watch someone with mental illness have an episode. My friend has had a lot of trouble over the years; sometimes just breaking down crying out of nowhere. At least, it seemed out of nowhere. I also can’t stand the bullying that comes with it. It’s a tough thing to understand if you’ve never experienced it. I hope she gets the help she needs and that others watching and feeling similarly reach out as well.

  • KarmaKrazy

    I hate to hear about her struggle with mental illness. I remember hearing about it a while back. I hope her family can help her through it. I know it must be hard on everyone.