Who is The Animal: The One in The Cage, or The One Who Locked It?

In this clip from our show ‘Believe’, we discuss “World News.“

Who is The Animal: The One in The Cage, or The One Who Locked It?”

• The life of an animal in a human’s care can be quite a scary sight. Why are we so willing to hurt these animals for our own pleasure? Would you allow your children to be treated like this?

• In order to make sustainable, positive change in the world… we need to be that change!

• Explore photojournalist, Jo-Ane McArthur’s book Captive, which displays 148 snapshot images she captured of the lives of animals in zoos and aquaria in over 30 different countries.

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  • KarmaKrazy

    I hate that people keep animals looked up in cages. I don’t visit zoos or any place that has animals locked up. They are not happy there no matter how many times they try to tell you that they are. It’s not a natural environment like they deserve.

  • Fox

    It’s a tragedy but some animals are kept in zoos, sanctuaries, or other unnatural habitats because they can no longer survive in the wild. After they’ve had the human interaction or grown up not having to hunt, they know no other way. Often these places charge admission in order to feed and care for the animals, which is not cheap. I’ll visit places with animals after I’ve done my research on what my money is going to.

  • Newcomb

    I think zoos will eventually become a thing of the past. Sure, a lot of people still patronize them, but the numbers are dwindling and it will eventually get to the point that it doesn’t make sense to keep them open. Look at what happened with Ringling Brothers recently. I never thought I’d see the day when that circus stopped, but they are no longer. In the meantime, if you want to see animals up close, there are plenty of places that are rehabilitation centers where the animals are treated for a variety of things, reintegrated, and then released back into the wild.


    I admit that some people or zoos do not treat the animals properly, but I feel that it’s more subjective mistakes instead of the system as a whole. I appreciate that many have tried to place the animals back to their habitat under monitoring, so that the good intention doesn’t actually backfire and hurt the animals.