4 Keys to Happy, Healthy, Long-Lasting Relationships

In this clip from our show ‘Believe’, we help you with “True Success”.

4 Keys to Happy, Healthy, Long-Lasting Relationships

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  • pattycake

    Codependent relationships are toxic and so difficult to get out of. My sister is still contacting a guy who broke up with her three years ago. He made her believe she was everything, and so she did the same for him, except she went all in. He unceremoniously dumped her and she’s completely lost without him and still hoping he comes back. It’s very sad.

  • workingwoman

    Most couples know that they can get out in a hurry with divorce. I don’t think they work on the relationship as much as people used to. I can’t say I’m different. I divorced my husband 22 years ago but now we are living together being grandma and grandpa together.

  • Lucy LaRossa

    I total agree with the belief that couples don’t really try hard (for better or worse) anymore. They see divorce as the easy way out when they don’t want to fight or ?? anymore. This leaves the poor little children devastated and the cycle continues.

  • Grace

    Would you mind if I ask why? It’s interesting that the two of you divorced but live together until today. I think it’s to be expected that the love may run dry somewhere along the way, so those who stay may have more important things to protect than their own feelings. Sometimes that becomes a huge burden to parties involved.